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What it’s about

In 2022, Brno celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of the father genetics, Gregor Johann Mendel.

Important professional activities, an international genetics conference and several popular scientific and happening events for the public, such as the Mendel festival, interesting exhibitions, lectures and promotional activities, were concentrated in the South Moravian metropolis. Mendel’s greenhouse was restored in the Augustinian abbey in Old City Brno, and on Mendel Square stands a Statue of Hrachovin by Jaromír Gargulák. The city of Brno supported a large part of these activities.

You can memorialize all these events at the exhibition A Year With Mendel, which runs until September 8 in the Urban Center at the Old Town Hall of Brno. And not only that! The activities continue even this year; you will learn more about them at the exhibition.

Come and see this year’s Mendel Festival with a popular science and music programme on July 21 and 22 at Mendel Square.

Follow again footsteps of Gregor Johann Mendel. Visit places associated with the life of this Brno personality, whether on the Mendel trail, in the online application Loxper, or in the encryption games With Mendel behind the treasure and Mr Mendel’s Code.

How the Minigrants „MENDEL 2022“ challenge turned out?

Last year, individuals, companies and associations could also participate in the celebrations. Brno launched a challenge for Mendel minigrants, and those with a great idea or an original product linked to Mendel’s personality could receive up to 50 000 Czech crowns for its implementation.

The challenge brought original ideas in various areas, such as gastronomy, applied arts, handicrafts, culture and entertainment, 3D technology and educational activities.

In total, 27 creative ideas helped make Gregor Johann Mendel more visible among Brno’s citizens and visitors. Brno contributed nearly 1.5 million Czech crowns to their implementation.

What is already happening, and what can you can look forward to in 2023?

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